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Thursday, February 18, 2016


I love when the Little Ladies self motivate to explore a passion, new or old. 

Patience awoke with a plan, paint a horse. She choose to dabble in acrylics, I gave her a small canvas and the new brushes.  We briefly discussed which brushes go with which paints and she was off.  She got a good start on her horse, and then went into her 10 Subject Portfolio and recorded the goal of finishing a nice horse painting in the arts section. Wednesday, at my encouragement she picked an acrylic technics lesson and took film study notes, after running to me a billion times to impart the newly gained knowledge, she has decided that after finishing the horse she is going to paint a cloud scene.  

Luxie has discovered maps. A book she can read, due to the symbols. Binoculars mean natural Wonder. She knows what the mark for springs are.  Airplanes mean airport. After her daily lessons she pulled out the Utah Atlas, this is a 60 something page book filled with detail.  Tonight when I tucked her in she still had the map book and requested keeping it in her book crate, so it's handy for tomorrow.

Mirrer has been waiting weeks to start the 12 subject portfolio.  After much debate I choose the PDF version. To start I let her pick 3 subjects (History, The Arts and Mathematics) and printed the first few pages of them, along with the Films Study, Projects Pages, and Geography.   She's finds math challenging, so her choosing it first was a surprise to me.  She dove into the Mathematics section today, writing a few goals, and then finding a math app to help learn times tables and more on her tablet. She pointed out that her book requires computer math games. She's very impressed that the school book is encouraging her to learn outside of the text book. Many times I spotted her with complicated problems smiling and enjoying herself.  She also shared with her sister, it was great to see them loving to learn. 

Hours of playing, and I can feel happy counting it as hours of school. 

Learning by doing.   Success. 

As I thought about the girls and the passions they are nurturing I was reminded of the passion of Christ. 

Acts 1:13 To whom(apostles) also he shewed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days, and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God:

Christs gave his life and was raised up, seen alive on earth for forty days, at times by 500 people at once.  What amazing love.  

I pray daily that my Little Ladies grow up knowing the love of Christ, that they will one day stand strong in the faith of our Lord.

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